Character, Development and Leadership

This program is designed to improve the character and leadership traits among high school, middle school and alternative school youth. This program provides youth with the necessary skills to be successful in all facets of their lives. They will also be required to perform community service to put into practice what they are learning and to help build the community.


By the time kids get to high school, character is often a faded reflection in the rear view mirror. The question is why! The foundation is set in the early years, but adolescence is the time kids really test the boundaries.


This program provides a purposeful and consistent approach that targets the cognitive, emotional and behavioral aspects of the student. Specifically the program will:

  • Promote integral components of character and leadership
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Build basic skills and reinforce pro-social manners
  • Help students create short and long term positive goals
  • Help students develop stong values and  high standards
  • Ensure students understand the consequences of their actions

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