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Building Legacies Inc is a nonprofit organization seeking to build great communities. Our mission is to empower and equip underserved communities to break the cycle of poverty, by teaching life skills, character development and leadership, mentoring and providing spiritual guidance. Building Legacies Inc was founded in 2012 by Chris and Sonya Rodgers. 


Our organization is committed to helping the next generation of young people now, to understand that they have a greater purpose in life and that it’s not all about following the crowd, but stepping up and stepping out to something great and positive for themselves, their families and their communities. . The under privileged and poverty stricken communities, that are mostly housed by single moms is a huge area and where fatherlessness is enormous and the need is urgent and great to acquire the skills needed to become a more equipped and independent citizen. The juvenile detention facilitates are places where teens fall victim to a cycle of crime that can be broken. Apartment complexes and government housing will benefit from higher retention, low crime rates, higher moral, and an overall happier community by offering these programs that will allow for residents and management to partake in the building legacy building community initiative. Sports camps will give students an outlet of the day to day activities to work on and craft their skills, abilities and talents into a lifestyle, by working on the basics and fundamentals of a given sport.  Nutritional classes will focus on the need to eat healthier, while not having to spend a fortune. Poverty is generally used to describe economic hardship. It is defined at the individual or family level as not having enough money to buy basic necessities. We will be the avenue that people can use to get an edge in life in the 5 key areas of leadership, finances, parenting, food and nutrition and sport camps all as we go about community by community building legacies.


After seeing the gap between the single family homes, government assisted families, the lack of education and resources we couldn’t just do nothing.  Building Legacies Inc. believed that teaching at-risk teens and their families both life skills and parenting skills, helping them identify their life purpose and having a support system with mentors and resources was critical.


Our signature program, Character Development and Leadership, which  provides our teens leadership skills that will last a life time. 


We have served over 100 low-income families feeding them, teaching life skills lessons and putting on special events (back to school, Christmas gifts and Block Parties). We've seen the struggles of these families, the needs, we've heard their dreams and goals.  We are taking the step to help move this next generation of young people into a world filled with endless possibilities! No one should have to do this life alone and should have an outlet to call upon in their time of need. Join us in our cause to Build Legacies as we Build Community.

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